The realities of food waste in our world is becoming more evident than ever. UK families throw away 24 meals a month, according to the WRAP Research. Reducing household food waste is more than a challenge. Ugo Fresh decided to join the fight. What about you?

1.You’re moving

How many times have you been to the grocery shop two days before going on holidays? It’s a common mistake we all do. Having a quick check at your calendar can help you organise your food shopping. Whether you’re going out for meal with colleagues on Thursday or going on holidays for few days. According your meals with your calendar is important!

2. You peel your vegetables and trash the scraps

Big mistake! Peels are healthy, you should try them. If you don’t feel it, you can still compost the peels or use them to make stock vegetables for example. We found a quick recipe right here. 

3. Refrigerated food

This category of food waste started from a good idea: put the food in the freezer to avoid waste. Unfortunately, now it smells bad, tastes bad, looks bad because you forgot it… Straight to the trash!

Ugo Fresh can be one of the solution to avoid and reduce your food waste. You can order at any time from your phone and pick up fresh food from local shops or restaurants. Our goal is to extract the value from perishable goods and give you access to all the products close to the “best before date” with a minimum discount of -30%.

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