You probably know that you shouldn’t go to the grocery store on an empty stomach. But who hasn’t done it?

I can remember running to the supermarket starving, with absolutely no idea of what to cook. Walking around the aisles, with a temptation for everything (most of the time in these situations we are attracted to the high-calorie foods).

Finally, I left the supermarket with an extra pack of biscuit, and some crisps. Oops!

Don’t go to the shop when you’re hungry! 

It’s proven! Researchers from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, conducted a lab study to see how hunger influenced food choices. They asked 68 adults to not eat during five hours before an afternoon meeting. They discovered that people bought more high-calorie food when grocery shopping whilst hungry.

Endocrinologist Tony Goldstone told Reuters “The body is always trying to defend its state and it makes very logical sense that if you’re going for a period without food, and you’re wanting food, you’re more likely to go for the food that’s high-calorie. If we’re needing energy, we’re not going to go out for lettuce.”

We cannot stop you from shopping hungry, but here is some advice that can help you make better decisions for your health and the environment…

1.Make a shopping list

This point is the most important. Hungry or not you should always go shopping with a list. Indeed, it saves you money, time and reduces food waste!

2.Visualise one meal

Think about one meal that can help satisfy your hunger. It’s definitely better to prepare a balanced meal, rather than picking up loads of sugary snacks.

3. Limit yourself to one snack

If you really need a snack, just pick one. You are still allowed a treat without going overboard.

4. Download UGO Fresh

With Ugo Fresh it’s even easier for you to select a fresh and healthy meal! You won’t be hungry anymore, and you’ll be reducing food wastage. Plus, it’s a much cheaper option! Dreamy isn’t it?