Le Coq Epicier is a French grocers located in Camden Passage in Angel. We caught up with Yohann Meignen, the owner, to learn a bit more about him and the story behind his shop.

Yohann tells me Le Coq Epicier was born because he realised there was a lack of a true French delicatessen in London. The shop has marked a new stage in his life, leaving behind a chauffeur limousine business which he started in Paris. Yohann moved to London two years ago with his partner.

The shop is in the quaint Camden Passage, a street located near to Angel station and home to many independent shops, cafes and restaurants. The location is clearly important to Yohann as he feels there is a good community of high-quality shops and a positive atmosphere amongst the shop owners. For him, Camden Passage resembles a typical French street so his shop takes pride of place as a true taste of France in North London.

Given his affinity for food, Yohann is obviously pained by the fact that he has to throw away products at times. Some of the products in the shop are perishable, whilst others have sell by dates which he must stick to, so the issue of food waste has been an unavoidable problem up to now. Yohann was drawn to UGO Fresh as we offered him a solution to the problem of food waste. Through our app, Yohann will be able to upload deals for foods he would otherwise have to waste, thereby increasing his sales and decreasing his food waste. As well as giving him a way to try and deal with his food waste, for Yohann, UGO Fresh serves as a tool to spread the word about his shop and help him to reach a wider audience. He wants to be known by people across the whole of London, not just those lucky ones who happen to be passing through Camden Passage.

You can find Le Coq Epicier at 1 Camden Passage and we hope many of you will be paying Yohann a visit in the coming months.